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“During troubled economic times, expenses must be managed.
More sales are expected from fewer salespeople. Clientele-building is vital. Every sale matters. Today, sales managers are challenged, not to add more sales training, faster laptops or better products, but to get their salespeople to apply what they already have.”

─ George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson, Authors
The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance

Chances are it’s not what you think. Numerous BSRP studies based on huge samples of real sales professionals show sales call reluctance, not the fear rejection, inadequate training, low self-esteem, poor self-confidence, lack of product knowledge, low self-discipline, ambiguous goals, the fear of success, or the fear of failure, is the primary reason for underperformance in sales. Nothing else even comes close. And, the belief call reluctance is only discomfort using the telephone to prospect is an urban myth.

For over thirty years, Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP) has been the world’s leading resource for the research and development of scientific procedures used to predict, prevent, diagnose and correct “sales call reluctance”  in candidates for sales positions, established top-tier producers and non-sales professionals working in fiercely competitive settings. From military recruiters to members of the clergy, non-profits to startups, professionals across organizations and industries rely on BSRP’s groundbreaking procedures to help them reach the clientele-building goals that are important to them. More...

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The most successful sales managers understand that the secret to selling more in any industry begins with recruiting and hiring top sales people who will, in fact, sell.  Sounds like a given, but extensive research has shown that the vast majority of sales people struggle with a bone-shaking fear of initiating first contact with potential buyers—better known as “cold-calling” or “prospecting”.  That’s right, most sales people stumble in the first step of the selling process resulting in fewer contacts made, and consequently, fewer sales.  This fear is defined as sales call reluctance®.

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