BSRP Leadership

Suzanne C. Dudley, CPA
Suzanne C. Dudley, CPAPresident & CEO
Suzanne C. Dudley, daughter of BSRP’s Co-Founder, George W. Dudley, has worked at BSRP in many different capacities since the early 1980s. In 2004, she was appointed as Director of Finance, and in January 2012 she was promoted to acting President and Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to 2004, Suzanne worked in public accounting where she advised small and medium sized businesses across many industries on topics related to tax compliance, accounting systems, financial reporting, budgeting, strategic planning, etc.

In her current role as President, Suzanne is responsible for the development and management of the company’s strategic plan, which includes initiatives such as resource allocation, channel management, and new product development.

Suzanne earned a B.S. in Business with an Accounting Specialization, and a M.S. in Accounting with a Taxation Specialization from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant as well as a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas CPA Society.

Trelitha R. Bryant
Trelitha R. BryantVice President
Trelitha R. Bryant has been with BSRP for nearly two decades. She initially held the title of Assistant Manager of Analysis, but was later promoted to Executive Vice President of Field Testing & Research in 2006. She has completed hundreds of projects constructing statistical models to study the influence of fear on the performance of salespeople, and allied professionals, who are required to engage in networking or other visibility management activities. She also conducts advanced psychometric analyses of questionnaire properties, allowing her to provide supportive psychological test interpretation and implementation guidance.

Additionally, she is an instructor of the Advanced Management Training workshop protocol used to provide education on topics related to sales personnel selection, psychological assessments, and multi-national research.

Trelitha has a B.S. in Mathematics from Creighton University, and has completed graduate coursework at Southern Methodist University. She holds memberships in the Association for Psychological Science, Southwestern Psychological Association, and The Society for Applied Multivariate Research.

BSRP Staff

Jacqueline B. Calder
Jacqueline B. CalderDirector of Sales
Belinda Gholston
Belinda Gholston Customer Accounts
Gray Kinney
Gray KinneyDirector of IT
Julie L. Punjak
Julie L. PunjakDirector of Marketing & Communications
Megan M. Quirk, Ph.D.
Megan M. Quirk, Ph.D.Testing & Research Team

BSRP Co-Founders

George W. Dudley
George W. DudleyCo-Founder of BSRP, M.S., author of Influence of fear on the behavior of people at work
Dudley is the director of BSRP’s Scientific Advisory Board and Co-founder of BSRP.

He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in research psychology. His work is extensively published in the popular and trade press. Each year, Dudley has the opportunity to present his work in a variety of capacities, including large group, radio, and television.

His pioneering research on the influence of fear on the performance of people at work, especially sales professionals, is recognized internationally. Many of the psychological constructs he discovered, such as “Recruitment Reluctance,” the 16 types of “Sales Call Reluctance®,” and “Hyper Professionalism” have become part of the standard lexicon of growth-oriented organizations.

Dudley and Co-author, Shannon L. Goodson, have written several psychological tests, including the Sales Preference Questionnaire™(SPQ*Gold/FSA™), Recruiting Preferences Measure™, Career Styles Inventory™, Selling Styles Profile Analysis™, and Meeting People Questionnaire™. Dudley’s research papers—many based on large, international samples—span a variety of topics, including: the relative tendency of salespeople in different countries to exaggerate their answers when completing psychological tests, differences in motivation to sell by country, how sales Call Reluctance® differs from social phobia, low self-esteem, anxiety and other more generic diagnoses, and which selling styles tend to be most susceptible to Sales Call Reluctance®.

His biography is included in honorary publications, such as Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and Who’s Who in America.

Shannon L. Goodson
Shannon L. GoodsonCo-Founder and CEO, BSRP, Author, Women and visibility management in the workplace
Although Goodson has both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in psychology, it was her natural business ability that made her the guiding force behind the successful growth and development of BSRP’s product array and international operations, which now include more than a dozen countries.

Goodson has published scholarly articles and presented scientific papers dealing with women’s issues, sales productivity, psychological testing, and other topics. She is listed in several honorary publications, including Who’s Who of American Women. Goodson and Co-author, George W. Dudley, have written several psychological tests, including the Sales Preference Questionnaire™(SPQ*Gold/FSA™), Recruiting Preferences Measure™, Career Styles Inventory™, Selling Styles Profile Analysis™, and Meeting People Questionnaire™.