Meeting People Questionnaire

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The Meeting People Questionnaire (MPQ™) assesses the fear of self-promotion in non-salespeople. Based on the same research by George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson who produced the SPQ*GOLD®/FSA™, the MPQ replaces sales-specific terminology with general contact initiation language relevant to networking, making introductions, building customer relationships and more.


  • Measures foundational social contact initiation issues, including available energy for meeting people and current desire to meet people
  • Reports on 15 separate areas of inhibited contact initiation, including, but not limited to:
    • Telestress: discomfort using the telephone
    • Deference: discomfort contacting “upscale” individuals
    • Over-Preparation: needing to feel totally prepared before initiating contact
    • Posing: letting concern over image get in the way of meeting people
    • Disputing: reflexive need to criticize and argue with others
  • Comprehensive narrative report outlines presence, severity, and possible behavioral consequences of each measured behavior
  • Part of the ROSE™ PsychScore® suite of computer-scored assessments

In Business, Nothing Happens Until You Meet Somebody!

The MPQ was designed to help!

Purpose-built to measure attitudes towards meeting others, the MPQ can help you discover your strong points!