Call Reluctance

Converting More Leads to Closed Sales

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Generating sales leads is the crucial starting point of the sales process.  These leads can be obtained from multiple sources.  Yet a primary challenge for salespeople is actually following up with leads.  As explained by marketing strategist Christopher Risen, “Following up on sales is not the easiest of tasks. Many a fledgling sales professional or emerging business has found

The Importance of Motivation and Goals

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The heart of what we do at BSRP is study call reluctance which we define as the emotional short-circuit in an otherwise motivated and goal directed individual. But did you know that for an individual to truly suffer from an authentic case of call reluctance they have to otherwise have motivation for a prospecting

What Is Prospecting, Really?

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Prospecting as defined by the online dictionary is the act of “searching for mineral deposits in a place, especially by means of experimental drilling and excavation.” In modern times, we use it according to its alternative definition – to look out for; search for. But somehow, in sales, the word “prospecting” seems to have

5 Tips for Senior Execs to Lead an Authentic, Pro-Sales Culture

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If you lead a “for profit” organization, then presumably you want some of the people who work for you to sell your products and services. You may call these people advisors, solutions consultants, relationship managers, etc., but if continuation in their jobs depends on their ability to acquire new business, then they fall under our definition

9 Sure-Fire Tips for Spotting Call Reluctance

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For Sales Managers, Recruiters and Hiring Agents You don’t need psychological pixie dust to scan candidates for call reluctance®. Here are some insider tips you can use right now. Don’t be fooled by the red-carpet effect. Candidates who invest too much energy into looking good don’t have a lot left over for prospecting, which they

4 Steps To Beating Call Reluctance

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Is Sales Call Reluctance® holding your career hostage? There are four general steps to beating Call Reluctance. Many call reluctant individuals and organizations are unable to proceed through the four, but motivated salespeople and sales-oriented organizations can and do. Everyday. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, it is easier to draft excuses for downplaying,

Behavioral Sciences Celebrates Executive VP’s Years Of Service

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Trelitha R. Bryant Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary Dallas, Texas, December 20, 2018 – Trelitha R. Bryant, Executive Vice President of Field Testing & Research at the corporate office of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. (BSRP), recently celebrated 20 years of service with BSRP. BSRP co-founder and Call Reluctance pioneer, George W. Dudley said, "It

What is Call Reluctance?

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Did you know that 85% of salespeople struggle with at least one of the 16 types of call reluctance? The average salesperson wrestles with 5! Call reluctance is all the avoidant thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that conspire to keep otherwise talented and motivated sales professionals from increasing their earning power. Numerous BSRP studies based on