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3 Myths That Can Destroy Your Sales Career

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Don’t let damaging fallacies stand in the way of your success. The world is full of myths. Most of them are harmlessly inaccurate—like the image of Vikings wearing horned helmets (we have 19th-century operas to thank for that). Some are simply discredited facts that have hung on through repetition (go ahead and put your car

Cultivate a Mindset for Barrier-Free Prospecting

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Taking fear out of the equation keeps your focus on success. We know that salespeople face a tremendous number of obstacles and challenges throughout the journey of their careers, such as changing market forces, fierce competition and downsizing budgets. But did you know that the most common business-development barrier is fear? According to research,

Converting More Leads to Closed Sales

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Generating sales leads is the crucial starting point of the sales process.  These leads can be obtained from multiple sources.  Yet a primary challenge for salespeople is actually following up with leads.  As explained by marketing strategist Christopher Risen, “Following up on sales is not the easiest of tasks. Many a fledgling sales professional or emerging business has found