The Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop® is not just another “pop-psychology” motivational seminar. It is the only training program in the world specifically designed to help sales professionals challenge career-limiting thoughts and behaviors due to Call Reluctance®. Our workshop combines an accurate diagnosis of call reluctance types with field-tested corrective techniques to produce measurable, verifiable increases in sales prospecting behavior in new hires and veteran salespeople alike.

The Fear-Free Prospecting Workshop is now available online!

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Includes SPQ*GOLD®/FSA™ assessment.

Explains the difference between authentic sales call reluctance and hollow cliches, such as “the fear of rejection.”

Maximizes attention and retention with innovative instructional design (one study showed 80% retention of concepts after 18 months).

Focuses content on changing behavior as opposed to altering personality, principles or values.

Designed to complement other skill-based training programs by helping to increase an individual’s comfort with using their skills.

Taught only by BSRP-accredited instructors.


The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance textbook.

SPQ*GOLD®/FSA™ assessment results.

Personal Prescription Profiles™ which contains a 4-week action plan for increased prospecting or contact initiation activity.

Monitoring of post-workshop prospecting activity.

This course is about using real science to identify and correct the learned behavior patterns that prevent sales professionals from maximizing their potential to achieve measurable, bottom-line results.

“Down to earth theories and practical advice…. Highly respected 1-to-2-day format.”

—The Financial Times (London)