Call Reluctance Survey Instructions

Take a few minutes to answer each of the following questions as honestly as you can. This call reluctance survey requires a simple “yes” or “no” response to compute your risk of sales call reluctance. When done, click the "Score" button to see your results and get more information on call reluctance.

1. I feel that it is important for me to spend extra time gathering information before I contact a potential customer so that I am able to answer any questions that may arise.
2. I get really uncomfortable when I have to phone someone I don’t know to persuade them to buy something they may not want to buy.
3. I find myself hesitating when it is time to ask for a referral from an existing client.
4. I tend to feel uneasy when I prospect because deep down I think that consistently promoting yourself or your products is not very respectable or proper.
5. I often feel like I might be intruding on people when I prospect.
6. I could make more sales calls if I really wanted to, but sometimes I just prefer to avoid initiating contact with prospective customers who may not be interested in what I sell.
7. I am more at ease when I’m engaged in building relationships with potential customers than when I’m trying to close a sale.
8. I sometimes feel intimidated when I am promoting products or services to people who are upmarket and/or highly influential clientele.
9. I feel that it is unprofessional to contact family or friends for the purpose of networking to expand my source of prospects.
10. I could prospect more if I had more time. However, there are many activities that require my time and attention at work.
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