For years, scholars and business managers have recognized that putting the right people in the wrong work culture or setting can negatively influence both the individual and the organization. The CareerStyles Inventory or CSI™ is a comprehensive assessment of personality-like influences on behavior at work. It creates a detailed profile of work-related preferences, perfect for building teams, evaluating corporate “fit,” assessing partnerships and more.

Not a broad-brush “personality” test, the CSI avoids potential legal pitfalls that can result from asking questions which are personal, intrusive or not clearly related to employment situations. All questions focus on work-related preferences and provide straightforward, “need to know” information to help employers and individuals make important career development decisions.

The CSI contains five major assessment areas:

  • Interpersonal Style:  The ease and comfort with which an individual works with others.
  • Learning/Mental Style: The speed and style with which an individual acquires new information.
  • Work Orientation: Clarity of goals, willingness to persevere and style of working (detail-oriented vs. creative and spontaneous).
  • Decision-Making Style:  The thought, care and consideration with which an individual makes decisions.
  • Stress Management: Ability to manage frustration and respond to criticism calmly and appropriately.


  • Results are reported as 34 separate scales grouped into five behavior-based categories: Interpersonal Style, Learning Style, Work Orientation, Decision Making Style and Stress/Frustration Management, plus scales to gauge attitudes toward the questionnaire itself
  • Comprehensive narrative report outlines presence, severity and possible behavioral consequences of each measured behavior
  • Part of the ROSE™ PsychScore® suite of computer-scored assessments

Who Should Take the CSI?

  • Team leaders/members

  • Key management personnel

  • Business partners 

  • Hiring managers

  • Individuals