The Recruiting Preferences Measure™ (RPM™) is the world’s only suite of assessments specifically designed to estimate the likelihood of success in professionals who are responsible for recruiting. Based on the pioneering sales Call Reluctance® research of George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson, the RPM focuses on the critical link between consistent contact initiation and recruiting results. 


  • The only formal assessment developed to specifically measure attitudes toward recruiting.
  • Measures foundational contact initiation issues, including Recruiting Motivation, Goal Clarity, and Goal “Scatter”
  • Reports on 15 separate areas of inhibited contact initiation, including, but not limited to:
    • Telephobia: discomfort with telephone recruiting
    • Social Self-Esteem: discomfort contacting “upscale” individuals
    • Over-Preparation: needing to feel totally prepared before initiating contact
    • Image Projection: letting concern over outward appearance and persona get in the way of seeking out recruits
    • Referral-Networking: hesitation to utilize existing contacts to find new recruits
  • Comprehensive narrative report outlines presence, severity and possible behavioral consequences of each measured behavior.
  • Part of the ROSE™ PsychScore® suite of computer-scored assessments

RPM Specifically Measures Attitudes Toward Recruiting

The people you hire are only as good as the talent pool you have to draw from. Are your recruiters able to comfortably and consistently bring the best prospects into the pipeline? Or do they make excuses, procrastinate, aim low, or otherwise miss their targets?

The Recruiting Preferences Measure (RPM™) can help!

RPM pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in this all-important position.