There is more to your personal selling style than you think. Four-factor “personality” grids — the norm in many popular sales assessments — don’t tell the whole story. Instead of trying to force-fit yourself into somebody else’s mold, why not get real insight into your selling behavior?

The Selling Styles Profile Analysis™ (SSPA) is based on a pioneering six-factor model developed by Co-Founders George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson. Easy to complete and a snap to interpret, the SSPA provides a detailed, graphics report of the strengths and possible limitations of your two primary selling styles:

  • Competition-Oriented Selling™
  • Image-Oriented Selling™
  • Need-Oriented Selling™
  • Product-Oriented Selling™
  • Rapport-Oriented Selling™
  • Service-Oriented Selling™


  • Based on six-factor selling style research by George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson
  • Single-purpose, behaviorally based question format
  • Easy to read report
  • Exclusive Chromagraph™ report plots relative strengths of all six selling styles
  • Style Plasticity™ (flexibility) measure and test taking attitudes