Performance alone no longer determines success. Pioneering researchers George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson discovered something more important: self-promotion. Some of the most highly-paid and powerful people did not attain their positions by being the most technically competent. They did it through purposeful self-promotion.

Some people are natural promoters. They are born with the instinct to self-promote. For others—often the most loyal, motivated and deserving—self-promotion is emotionally difficult. They are rendered invisible by a spirit-crushing condition the authors call the fear of self-promotion.

When the fear of self-promotion victimizes salespeople, emotionally limiting their ability to initiate contact with prospective buyers, it’s tagged sales Call Reluctance®. Far more than the fear of making cold calls or using the telephone, sales Call Reluctance obstructs all forms of prospecting for new business, and it costs. Each year, sales Call Reluctance single-handedly accounts for over half of all failures in one of the largest professions in the world.

Although written primarily for salespeople, anyone who has to practice visibility management to get ahead can benefit from reading this book. Through anecdotes, examples, and step-by-step directions, you will discover what sales Call Reluctance really is, how it cripples careers, and how to keep it from limiting your career.

Exchanging white lab coats for blue jeans practicality, the authors, top international authorities on sales call reluctance, guide you through the treacherous myths and subtle misunderstandings which make sales call reluctance the “social disease of the direct sales profession.” You’ll discover key concepts and proven techniques for evicting fear from your career.

“Your most valuable asset is your earning ability, and in this practical, insightful book, you’ll learn how to increase your value and your income continuously throughout your career. It’s worth its weight in gold.”

— Brian Tracy

“In today’s global arena, where change rules and knowledge is power, you either are a leader or a loser. This book is your passport to survive and thrive in the new era. It will get you promoted instead of downsized, teach you how to become CEO of your own life and make your career ‘fireproof.’”

— Denis Waitley

increase sales revenue - The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance
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About the Authors

George W. Dudley is an internationally noted behavioral scientist. Reviewers applauded his book, “The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance,” co-authored with Shannon L. Goodson, as “a landmark….the definitive work on the subject.” His multi-nation psychological studies continue to capture the attention of scholars and media worldwide. Dudley has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degree in research psychology and lectures in several nations each year. He lives near Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Carol A. Dudley, a scientist.

Shannon L. Goodson has specialized in the influence of inhibitions on the business-building activities of sales and non-sales professionals since 1978.  Her studies of issues specific to women in management and sales have been presented at scientific assemblies as varied as the Society of Applied Multivariate Research, The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the European Congress of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology. She is co-author with George W. Dudley of the international bestseller, “The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance”. Goodson has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology.  She is listed in several honorary publications, including Who’s Who of American Women.