Equip Yourself to be Successful in the Multicultural Marketplace

With a Japanese client, should you be pitching to the individual or the team? Is it always polite to ask about the spouse and kids? How will your firm handshake come across to a Hispanic? With over half of the population projected to be non-Anglo by 2050, this is a must read for any salesperson whose goal is success in the booming multicultural marketplace. You’ll take away world-savvy sales skills, putting more money in your pocket and becoming a greater asset to your company.

Experts worldwide acclaim the detailed techniques and step-by-step, multicultural selling process revealed in this book.

“With their new book … Earl Honeycutt and Lew Kurtzman have cut straight to the heart of a topic that affects all of us … This book will be an effective arrow in the quiver of salespersons who sell to buyers from other cultures.”

— Chuck Smith, President and CEO, Payment Processing, Inc.

“I found a wealth of useful information relative to dealing with potential customers that come from a totally different background.  In the scientific field there is a wide variety of foreign-trained scientists, and knowing how to successfully interface with them is absolutely vital …”

— Robert S. Cooley, President, Prime Separations, Inc.

“Honeycutt and Kurtzman … develop an outstanding blueprint for selling cross culturally. Selling Outside Your Culture Zone gives sales professionals the confidence necessary to sell effectively in today’s diverse marketplace.”

— Matt Ingram, Sales Specialist, Sankyo Pharma

“Employing sales strategy successfully requires a balanced approach of understanding your culture, as well as that of your targeted audience… I recommend this book to any sales team operating in multi-cultural selling situations.”

— Stephen R. Fisher, Director, U.S. Sales, Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.

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