Welcome to the soft-sell revolution. It defines modern selling. But what is soft selling? Where did it come from? What does it promise and what has it delivered?

Are today’s “client-centered” salespeople really happier, more professional and productive? With clarity and precision, world-class scholars George W. Dudley and Dr. John F. Tanner systematically peel away buzzwords posing as facts and pop psych mumbo-jumbo to expose a profession in the midst of an identity crisis. To sell effectively, modern salespeople are told they must present themselves as “advisors” or “consultants”—while still accountable for old-fashioned, closed sales.

Widespread Praise for The Hard Truth About Soft-Selling

“Books on selling are predictable. Read one and you have pretty much also read all the others including all past issues of sales magazines. The Hard Truth About Soft Selling caught my interest because it is different. It has a positive message about what selling is all about and spends time on how the sales gurus themselves sell salespeople and that revelation alone hit me in the face like a cold towel. This is a great airplane read.”


“Dudley and Tanner make a major contribution in their defense of selling as an honorable profession. If one ever needed permission to simply be genuine, speak with candor, and be transparent with intent while always seeking an honorable outcome – this book delivers it!”

Ron Wagley, Chairman & CEO, Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Company

“. . . a veritable godsend for those in marketing and sales. The authors have cut through currently fashionable attitudes and jargon with great precision—a most profitable read.”

Max Weismann, Center for the Study of The Great Ideas

“Explains why we have so many great relationship-builders… with poor sales results….and why so many salespeople struggle so hard to be accepted they forget the primary reason for making contact- to ethically represent our products and services to prospective buyers.”

Philip Seah, CEO, Prudential Assurance, Singapore

“. . . thoroughly readable . . . explains so much about how sales consultants have lost their way.”

David Richardson, Senior Reporter, Today Tonight, Network 7 Television, Australia