Train the Trainer Workshop is a four-day, advanced accreditation training course for changing unproductive behavior patterns to achieve measurable, bottom-line results. It will equip individuals with the tools and knowledge essential to countering the emotional barriers that keep talented, motivated professionals from earning what they are worth.

Included in the Train the Trainer Workshop is the Power Up Your Sales Workshop®which has been validated by pre-post and other research designs. It is the only program of its type and has been consistently rated by a network of international psychologists, consultants, HR representatives, corporate executives, and sales professionals as among the best workshops they have ever attended. If you are a change agent looking for a proven method to bring about organizational transformation, this program could be for you.


Includes everything in the Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop and the Picking the Blue Chips in Sales Workshop, plus:

  • Advanced instruction for the Call Reluctance countermeasures
  • Explains the principles behind the Fear-Free Prospecting Workshop and why it works so well
  • Hands on practice with real world training and coaching cases
  • Taught exclusively by BSRP
    • How to predict, prevent, diagnose and correct sales call reluctance
    • Training salespeople—when ice-breakers aren’t enough (aka the “Stun Gun” approach)
    • Sales Call Reluctance: How experts get it wrong and sometimes make it worse
    • Name games companies play to cope with sales call reluctance
    • Who’s spreading call reluctance in your organization?
    • Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants are accredited to conduct the Power Up Your Sales Workshop within their own organizations